Learn how Businesses can Transform Frontline Employee L&D with Blended Training

Traditional employee training models often relied on in-person, group sessions for efficiency. This limited the frequency and scope of training employees could receive.

However, in today’s rapidly evolving workplace, continuous learning is essential for businesses to remain competitive. The challenge lies in reaching frontline employees, who often have demanding schedules and may be geographically dispersed. Blended learning offers a solution.

Learn how businesses can transform frontline employee L&D with blended training.

One powerful solution is blended training, combining in-person sessions with engaging virtual experiences like those offered by Kahoot! This approach fosters the connections of face-to-face learning alongside the accessibility and flexibility of Kahoot’s online platform.

Why Blended Training Can Be a Game-Changer for Frontline Employees

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, keeping workers’ knowledge and skills up-to-date is crucial. This is especially true for frontline employees, who often miss out on upskilling opportunities. Blended training offers a solution.

Blended training solves the frontline training time challenge. Unlike in-person training that takes significant blocks of time, blended training’s digital components fit seamlessly into the workday. Platforms like Kahoot! make it easy to incorporate engaging elements that promote knowledge retention and build a culture of continuous learning.

How businesses can boost frontline employee L&D with blended training

Effective training doesn’t just improve performance – it can also boost employee retention. The 2023 Workplace Culture Report from Kahoot! found that nearly half of U.S. frontline employees would stay with their company longer if offered better training and career development.

Want to maximize the benefits of blended learning for your team? Here are 4 tips:

Meet your employees where they are

Blended training with Kahoot! offers the best of both worlds: group and individual learning, in-person and online. This flexibility makes training far more accessible for your employees. Maintain the valuable aspects of in-person instruction for hands-on skills and team building, while supplementing it with Kahoot!’s online platform. Employees can then learn at their own pace, from anywhere, using Kahoot!

Reinforce knowledge by making Kahoot! training materials available on-demand. Ensure materials work across mobile devices, tablets, and computers – perfect for frontline workers who might rely on smartphones.

Further enhance your blended training with a flipped learning model. Use Kahoot! to assign pre-session videos and readings, freeing up in-person sessions for active engagement and collaboration.

Use microlearning for mini-lessons with a major impact

Traditional training sessions can be challenging for frontline workers due to scheduling conflicts. Microlearning offers a powerful solution! Break down training into bite-sized lessons delivered through Kahoot quizzes or challenges. This makes learning easily digestible and immediately applicable.

Focus on what employees need to know now. Deliver a few key concepts with Kahoot, then continue with more topics later. Continuous learning, powered by Kahoot’s engagement, is more impactful than overwhelming employees with lengthy training sessions.

Leverage technology for better training experiences at scale

Harness the power of technology to scale engaging training experiences. Whether your team works remotely or on-site, technology makes blended training effective. Frontline workers specifically want employers to provide online learning tools (2023 Workplace Culture Report).

Get creative with Kahoot! to infuse your in-person and virtual training sessions with interactivity. Customize the experience to match your company’s unique brand. Use Kahoot! to encourage feedback and idea sharing from employees– this boosts engagement and can even reveal important customer insights.

Finally, don’t forget to leverage Kahoot’s analytics to measure the impact of your training. This data will empower you to make informed decisions and constantly improve your learning initiatives.

Let the games begin

Energize your frontline employee training with a blend of in-person and online experiences. Incorporate game-based learning tools like Kahoot to boost engagement and knowledge retention. Quizzes throughout your training sessions will keep employees focused, and friendly competition fosters a sense of team spirit.

Kahoot can add an element of excitement to both in-person and virtual training. Employees stay motivated with the potential for recognition and prizes. Invest in a platform like Kahoot, known for its compelling learning experiences, to maximize the benefits of a blended approach.

Managing a frontline workforce comes with complexities, but ensuring employees have the right skills ranks high on the priority list. By combining in-person and virtual learning, enhanced with the engagement power of Kahoot, you empower your team to be more agile and collaborative.

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