Kahoot! EDU Spring Meetup recap: 5 insights to elevate your teaching

Teachers, did you miss the Kahoot! EDU Spring Meetup? Don’t worry! This massive virtual professional development event drew over 10,000 educators eager to learn about new Kahoot! features and interactive learning strategies. The Kahoot! team and experienced Teacher Ambassadors shared tips to boost classroom productivity, streamline lesson planning, and enhance assessment. You can still benefit from this amazing learning opportunity – catch all the sessions on-demand on the event page.

Impactful learning experiences! Sean D’Arcy, VP for Kahoot! at school, kicked off the Spring Meetup with Podium-worthy news! A new meta-analysis of independent, peer-reviewed studies says on average, classroom use of Kahoot! improves student performance on tests by a full letter grade! As educators everywhere begin tabulating and tallying semester grades, let’s dive into some of our key takeaways to help you plan powerful lessons in these last few weeks of review season

In our recent Kahoot! survey, we asked over 2,000 U.S. K-12 teachers about the daily challenges they face in the classrooms. Over a third of teachers indicated that the one thing that would help them most is more time. Not surprised? Neither are we! Efficient teaching tools can truly become a teacher’s best friend, when time is limited between class bells and the shuffle between periods of the school schedule.

To help minimize the classroom chaos, Sean shared new AI-powered productivity features to make lesson planning and prep even more efficient (and awesome!). Our new question generator helps educators to create kahoots in seconds by auto-generating kahoots from a single text prompt or keyphrase. The best part? Educators and creators can trust that these new lessons are always up to our Kahoot!-leveled and high standards in quality, relevancy, and accuracy! Together at the Meetup, educators experienced the brand new AI-enhanced creator feature, making it possible for educators to create kahoots from existing curriculum materials! Whether pulled from a district-mandated curriculum library, or drawn together in past planning sessions, educators can Kahoot!’ify files and documents with a simple drag-and-drop, importing PDFs into the creator. Then select pages, or upload the whole file, and Kahoot! will generate questions AND answer options, saving you time on planning, boosting student engagement, and giving educators time back in the classroom…all with just a few steps! Now available with Kahoot!+ Max and Kahoot! EDU plans!

Not ready to start from scratch, our library of ready-to-play kahoots, curated by verified educators and partners will soon be easier than ever to find the pre-made kahoots you need for any subject with a new search filter! Jump right into playing, hosting, and sharing on Kahoot! with the already-existing millions of ready-made lessons in kahoots and Courses.

Understanding the Task

  • Rephrase: We’re changing the wording, not the core meaning.
  • Google NLP Methodology: This focuses on how Google’s algorithms understand language. We must make the text clear for a search engine to interpret the topic accurately.
  • Semantic SEO: This focuses on using words and phrases that are highly relevant to the topic, helping search engines rank you higher.
  • Google Guidelines: We’ll avoid things like keyword stuffing and make the text natural and reader-friendly.
  •  Game modes for self-study scenarios are also available, such as Flashcards, Chill Art, Treasure Trove, and Tallest Tower. These allow students to play and practice independently both in school and at home, without requiring a student account. Coming soon; you’ll be able to assign kahoots with game modes to improve the self-study experience!

Kahoot enhances student assessment with new question types for feedback and accuracy.

  • Seamlessly gauge student understanding and feelings. The new scale question type lets students express how they feel about a topic using the familiar Likert scale. Foster a safe learning space where everyone feels comfortable sharing.
  • Pinpoint knowledge and accuracy with the new pin answer question type. This points-based format visually represents student comprehension. Live-time diagrams offer immediate insights into where learners may need additional support.

“Self-paced math games…Meira took the stage…DragonBox…Bridge learning gaps…Kahoot!’s engaging math games…complex mathematical concepts…gamification…exploration…practice…skills…Kahoot! App…math page.

Kahoot enhances math learning with new self-paced games!

Celebrate Pi Day with these fun resources from DragonBox. Address learning gaps and boost math confidence with Kahoot’s engaging platform. Students can learn complex math concepts at their own pace through play and exploration. Practice math skills, collaborate with peers, and build a strong foundation with Kahoot’s readily accessible games available in-class or at home via the Kahoot! app.

 Ignite Student Creativity

Kahoot!, the beloved game-based learning platform, introduces Sparks – a dynamic feature encouraging open-ended creativity. Sparks prompts learners with inspirational ideas, which are then shared and expanded upon by other students. This remix approach fosters unique ideas and solutions, with students free to express themselves through text or drawings. The familiar Kahoot! interface provides a comfortable and fun learning environment.

Sparks’ flexibility makes it ideal for diverse classrooms, subjects, and objectives. Use it to kick off a new topic, assess understanding, or brainstorm solutions. Sparks nurtures creativity with no single “right” answer, giving all students a voice. This cultivates creative confidence, out-of-the-box thinking, and thoughtful feedback – all while sparking joy in learning. Experience Kahoot! Sparks with Kahoot! EDU plans.

Thank you for making this event awesome! In a worldwide effort for collaboration, our EDU Meetup participants reached new feats of participation and unlocked an exclusive discount for Kahoot!+ Max, too! Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s Kahoot! EDU Meetup! In a worldwide effort for collaboration, our EDU Meetup participants reached new feats of participation and unlocked an exclusive discount for Kahoot!+ Max, too! Don’t forget to re-watch your favorite sessions and take advantage of our special offer to get access to all the new great features that were introduced with 20% off Kahoot!+ Max until March 31.

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