Joining a live Kahoot! game: mobile app or

Want to join a Live Kahoot Game? You have two great options! Both the new Kahoot! mobile app and the classic website offer a fun way to participate in live group learning games.

With the app, you’ll often find nearby Live Kahoot Games automatically, making it super easy to jump into the action. Plus, unlock additional features for continued learning and practice on the go!

Of course, is still a fantastic choice for joining Live Kahoot Games hosted in classrooms or other settings. Simply enter the game PIN, see questions on the big screen, and answer using your device!

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With the new app, however, learning doesn’t stop once that live game is over. Check out these extras:

Replay games to revise knowledge and improve score Feel like you could’ve done better in that game? Practice makes perfect! Replay the kahoot in the app later for revision and to improve your score. Even weeks later, when an exam is coming up, you can get back to kahoots you played in class throughout the semester to reinforce knowledge.

Challenge others Was that a tricky game? Pass it on to your students, colleagues, friends or family and see if they can crack those tough questions. You can create a challenge and share it with other players, for example, via messengers or in social networks.

Kahoot! has become a classroom favorite for a reason – it makes learning engaging! But if you’re ready to join a live game, you might wonder: should I use the new Kahoot! app or stick with the familiar a website? Let’s break down the pros and cons to help you decide.

Kahoot! App – The Enhanced Experience

  • Streamlined Setup: No more typing in lengthy game PINs. The app often automatically finds nearby games, letting you jump into the action quickly.
  • Extra Features: The app might offer bonus features like study modes or challenge options not always available on the website.
  • Personalized Experience: If you create a Kahoot! account, the app keeps track of your past games, scores, and progress.
  • Potential Downside: Requires downloading and updating the app, taking up some storage space on your device.

Focus on In-App Benefits for Live Kahoot Games

  • Track Your Progress: The Kahoot! app gives you a detailed overview of your live game stats. Analyze wins, podium finishes, and past performance to improve your skills.
  • Celebrate Your Victories: Every time you place in a live Kahoot game, earn shiny medals! These add to your personal record, motivating you to strive for even better results.
  • Stay Focused for the Win: The app automatically disables your phone’s screensaver during live Kahoot games, ensuring zero disruptions in the heat of competition.

When Still Reigns Supreme

Our trusty friend remains the ideal choice for live Kahoot games when:

  • Device Compatibility: You’re playing on a device without iOS or Android, or if app installation isn’t an option (like on shared devices).
  • Spontaneous Gameplay: If a live Kahoot pops up unexpectedly, the website offers the quickest way to join the fun without needing a download.

Pro Tip: Be ready for any live Kahoot game by downloading the Kahoot! app in advance! – The Classic and Convenient

  • Universal Access: Any device with a web browser can access No app download needed, which is perfect for guest players.
  • Simple and Familiar: The website’s interface is straightforward, making it easy for even tech-shy players to join.
  • No Account Needed: Just enter the game PIN and you’re in! Great for quick, spontaneous games.
  • Potential Downside: Might require manually typing in longer game PINs.

So, Which Should You Choose?

  • Regular Players: The app offers the smoothest experience and potential extra features, making it ideal for students who play often.
  • Occasional Kahooters: The website’s simplicity is perfect for those joining a game less frequently or in classroom settings with shared devices.
  • Tech Considerations: If you’re low on device storage or have spotty internet, the website is usually the more reliable option.

The Verdict

Both the Kahoot! app and website offer fun, engaging ways to participate in live games. The best choice ultimately depends on your individual needs and preferences. Why not try both and see what works best for you?

Download it for iPhone or iPad | Download it for Android

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