How to Play Kahoot Games in Google Classroom

Integrating Kahoot! games into Google Classroom adds a layer of interactivity and engagement to online learning environments. In this article, we’ll explore the steps to seamlessly play Kahoot! games within Google Classroom, creating an interactive and collaborative learning experience.

1. Create a Kahoot! Game:

Start by creating a Kahoot! game following the steps outlined in the previous article. Ensure that your quiz is relevant to the subject or topic you’re covering in Google Classroom.

2. Navigate to Google Classroom:

Access your Google Classroom account and navigate to the class where you want to play the Kahoot! game. Click on the “+ Create” button to create a new assignment.

3. Add the Kahoot! Game Link:

In the assignment creation interface, add the link to your Kahoot! game. To obtain the link, go to the Kahoot! game’s settings, click on “Share,” and copy the link provided.

4. Set Due Date and Instructions:

Specify a due date for the assignment and provide any necessary instructions for students. Clearly communicate that they will be playing a Kahoot! game and include any additional details they need to know.

5. Post the Assignment:

Once you’ve added the Kahoot! link and set the assignment details, post the assignment to your Google Classroom. Students will be able to access the assignment and the Kahoot! link directly from the class stream.

6. Students Join the Game:

Students can click on the Kahoot! link within the assignment to join the game. They will be directed to the Kahoot! platform, where they can enter the Game PIN and participate in the quiz.

7. Monitor and Facilitate:

As the teacher, you can monitor the progress of the Kahoot! game in real-time. Facilitate discussion, address questions, and celebrate achievements as the game unfolds.

8. Review Results:

After the Kahoot! game concludes, review the results within the Kahoot! platform. Analyze student performance and use the insights to guide future lessons or discussions in Google Classroom.


Integrating Kahoot! games into Google Classroom is a seamless process that enhances the interactive nature of online learning. By following these steps, educators can leverage the strengths of both platforms to create a dynamic and engaging virtual classroom experience.

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