How to Join a Kahoot Quiz Game

Joining a Kahoot! quiz game is a simple yet exciting process. Whether you’re a student ready to participate in class or someone looking for some quiz fun, this step-by-step guide will walk you through the process of joining a Kahoot! game.

1. Access the Game PIN:

To join a Kahoot! game, you’ll need the unique Game PIN provided by the host. This alphanumeric code ensures that you connect to the correct game session.

2. Visit

Open your web browser and navigate to This is the dedicated webpage where you’ll enter the Game PIN to join the quiz.

3. Enter the Game PIN:

Once on, you’ll find a field prompting you to enter the Game PIN. Type in the unique code provided by the host and click on “Enter” to join the game.

4. Create a Nickname:

Before entering the game, you’ll be prompted to create a nickname. Choose a fun and unique name that represents you. Remember, Kahoot! is all about creativity!

5. Wait for the Game to Start:

After entering the Game PIN and selecting a nickname, you’ll join the virtual lobby. Wait for the host to start the game. Once it begins, answer questions promptly to earn points and compete with others.


Joining a Kahoot! quiz game is a quick and enjoyable process. Whether you’re joining a class activity or a social Kahoot! event, following these steps will have you participating in the fun and excitement in no time.

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