Explore other apps in the Kahoot! family

As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, the Kahoot! family of apps includes several offerings beyond the core Kahoot! platform. Keep in mind that new developments may have occurred since then, so it’s advisable to check the official Kahoot! website or app stores for the latest information. Here’s an exploration of some apps within the Kahoot! family:

  1. Kahoot! DragonBox Numbers:
    • Description: DragonBox Numbers is an app designed to help children learn and understand the concepts of numbers, addition, and subtraction through a playful and interactive experience.
    • Educational Focus: Math, Numbers, Arithmetic.
    • Features: Visual and interactive learning, adaptive technology, and engaging challenges.
  2. Kahoot! DragonBox Algebra 5+ (and other age groups):
    • Description: DragonBox Algebra apps cater to different age groups, including DragonBox Algebra 5+. These apps aim to teach algebraic concepts in a game-based format, making it accessible and enjoyable for learners.
    • Educational Focus: Algebra, Mathematics.
    • Features: Visual learning, interactive challenges, and adaptive learning paths.
  3. Kahoot! Poio Read:
    • Description: Poio Read, now part of the Kahoot! family, is an app designed to support children in learning to read. It incorporates gamified elements to make the reading process engaging and effective.
    • Educational Focus: Literacy, Reading.
    • Features: Gamified reading challenges, interactive learning, and adaptive paths.
  4. Kahoot! Kahoot! Play and Create Quizzes:
    • Description: The Kahoot! app allows users to play and create quizzes on various topics. It extends the Kahoot! experience beyond the classroom, enabling users to engage with quizzes anytime, anywhere.
    • Educational Focus: Various subjects and topics.
    • Features: Playing quizzes created by others, creating your own quizzes, and participating in Kahoot! challenges.
  5. Kahoot! Kahoot! Kids:
    • Description: Kahoot! Kids is a version of the Kahoot! app designed specifically for children. It provides a safe and age-appropriate environment for kids to explore and engage with educational content.
    • Educational Focus: Various subjects and age-appropriate content.
    • Features: Access to kid-friendly quizzes, games, and educational challenges.
  6. Kahoot! Academy:
    • Description: Kahoot! Academy is a platform where educators and verified creators can share and discover high-quality educational content. It extends the Kahoot! ecosystem to include a repository of educational resources.
    • Educational Focus: Diverse subjects and topics.
    • Features: Access to a wide range of educational content created by educators and verified contributors.

Please note that the availability and features of these apps may have evolved since my last update. For the latest information, visit the official Kahoot! website or app stores

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